November Monthly Update

In previous commentaries, we have focused on the number one tactical driver of markets, liquidity. Commonly, this is summarized in the number one rule for market guidance— “Don’t fight the Fed”. The bear market continues to hold...

3rd Quarter 2022 Commentary

Don’t fight the Fed. If there was one market mantra to live by, 2022 has reminded us that “Don’t fight the Fed” is it. As of this writing, the market continued to pull back from the mid-summer bear market rally that culminated on August 18th.

September Monthly Update

From their mid-June low through the 18th of August, equities picked up short-term momentum and advanced about 16% using the S&P 500 as a proxy, a classic bear market rally.

August Monthly Update

Equity markets spent the last six weeks rallying from deeply oversold conditions reached in mid-June.

2nd Quarter 2022 Commentary

As we begin the second half of 2022, investors likely feel a lot like a football or basketball team hanging on by their fingernails just trying to get to the locker room for a halftime regroup.

401k savings jar next to a calculator

What Happens To Your 401(k) When You Quit?

When leaving your job one of the most frequent questions employees have is: “What should I do with my 401(k) balance?”

Notebook reading "Tax Credit" sitting on top of cash and calculator.

Retirement Savings Tax Credit

Did you know that you can get a match on your 401(k) contributions when you file your taxes, if you qualify? It’s called the Retirement Saver’s tax credit.

Bear Market Graph

What To Do In A Bear Market

May has been miserable. As equity markets broke downside support, the market tipped briefly into bear market territory.

May Monthly Update

With a nod to Yogi Berra; “it’s déjà vu all over again.” Throughout 2022, the stock market has repeatedly visited a low found around 4200.

1st Quarter 2022 Commentary

Equities and bonds both experienced a great deal of volatility since our last Update, February 24th.

Map of Ukraine

What Does the Invasion of Ukraine Mean for Investors?

Equity markets sold off in the last two weeks, triggered by fear of Russian aggression in Europe followed by an actual invasion of Ukraine...

February Monthly Update

Markets began 2022 by moving decisively lower, with both stocks and bonds enduring continuous selling pressure throughout January.

2022 Market Outlook

To begin, let us recap our 2021 Outlook against the year’s results. At this time last year, we held three primary viewpoints going forward...

The Value of a Retirement Plan Advisor

Managing a retirement plan for a company is not a small task. The expertise of a knowledgeable plan Advisor can have important benefits.

December Monthly Update

Black Friday, credit stress, inflation and the new COVID variant, omicron, all affect the market this month.

Advice for Those Nearing Retirement

For those nearing retirement, it is natural to worry. The secret? A good financial plan.

November Monthly Update

Equities posted sizable gains during the month of October as negative, COVID-surge-induced, sentiment swung from an overly risk-off condition to risk-on by month end.

The Value of a Good Recordkeeper

Recordkeepers can be the backbone of a retirement plan. Here's what to keep in mind when selecting a retirement plan platform.

3rd Quarter 2021 Commentary

Stocks remained in an uptrend throughout the third quarter.

What You Need to Know About Estate Planning

There can be great peace of mind in knowing that your financial affairs are in order, and your final wishes will be fulfilled as you’d like.

Revenue Sharing: Isn’t Sharing a Good Thing?

A recent survey from Callan shows the percentage of plans using revenue sharing declining. Find out what this means and how Cary Street Partners can help you.

Weekly Update – August 30, 2021

Equities moved higher yet again last week — following a very brief and shallow decline the prior week.

Weekly Update – August 23, 2021

Equities turned broadly lower last week.

2nd Quarter 2021 Commentary

Equity markets moved higher in the second quarter with the S&P 500 Index picking up 8.55%.

Is Inflation Ahead?

Find out what's in the financial market forecast and what it means for portfolio positioning.

A Higher Standard

Hear a leadership message from Cary Street Partners Board Chairman, Douglas G. Stewart, and CEO, Joseph R. Schmuckler.

1st Quarter 2021 Commentary

Equity market performance for the first quarter of 2021 was best characterized as churning higher amid a huge rotation from technology issues toward cyclicals.

2021 Market Outlook

The best thing that can be said for the 2021 outlook is that it is not 2020 anymore.

Retirement Services

Corporate Benefits & Retirement Services Director, Celia A. Rafalko discusses the tools and resources available through Cary Street Partners' retirement services.

Dividend Reinvesting Reconsidered

Market wisdom has generally dictated that dividends are to be reinvested, but does that still hold up?

Is a Depression Inevitable?

There is a good deal of media chatter regarding the possibility that the global economy is entering a great depression due to the COVID pandemic. Here's our take.

CIO Conversation Series: Sean E. Heron, CFA

Hear from Tom Herrick and Sean E. Heron, CFA.

CIO Conversation Series: Katie Stockton, CMT

Hear from Tom Herrick and Katie Stockton, CMT.