Alexander Hamilton statue at U.S. Treasury

Episode 7: Alexander Hamilton – Pop Culture and History Collide

Chief Investment Officer Tom Herrick and guest David J. Cowen, President and CEO of the Museum of American Finance, discuss Alexander Hamilton, the history of the capital markets and the room where it happened.

Past Episodes

Episode 6: A Conversation on Commodities— An Uncommon Yet Everyday Subject

Chief Investment Officer Tom Herrick and guest Bradford Klein, the co-founder of Core Commodity Management, discuss the avalanche in demand coming for metals and other commodities.

"sold" sign in front of house

Episode 5: Single-Family Home Prices, Everybody’s Business

Chief Investment Officer Tom Herrick and guest Steve Shigekawa, Managing Director and Real Estate Portfolio Manager at Neuberger Berman, discuss the strengths and dynamics of the current red hot single-family housing market.

scientist using microscope

Episode 4: Innovations in Health Sciences

Chief Investment Officer Tom Herrick and guest Brian Dausch, Vice President and Portfolio Specialist at T. Rowe Price, discuss the innovations in Health Sciences—the pandemic's silver lining.

U.S. and China currency

Episode 3: The Complex U.S./China Relationship

Cary Street Partners CIO Tom Herrick and Boston Partners Emerging Markets Portfolio Manager discuss the complex U.S/China relationship.

stock market screen

Episode 2: Equity Market Rotation

In this episode of the Cary Street Partners CIO Conversation Series, Tom Herrick and Dan Suzuki, Richard Bernstein Advisors Deputy CIO, discuss the equity market rotation from large cap technology to cyclical.

White House podium

Episode 1: Policy Dynamics

Chief Investment Officer Tom Herrick and Steve Pavlick, Public Policy Advisor at Renaissance Macro, discuss policy dynamics of the new administration and Congress.