Kara Valentine joins Luxon Financial, parent company of Cary Street Partners, as Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Business Development

RICHMOND, Va.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Luxon Financial LLC, an independent financial services firm and the parent company of wealth manager Cary Street Partners LLC, announced today that Ms. Kara M. Valentine has joined the firm as Chief Marketing Officer and Head of Business Development. Valentine was most recently Head of Marketing for Rockefeller Capital Management. Prior to Rockefeller, ...

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Equity Market Perspective: December 2018

Equity markets are exhibiting every indication of panic and fear. The above chart combines a series of seven longstanding sentiment indicators into a 0 to 100 score. The current score is the polar‐ opposite of where it was twelve months ago. Further supporting data can be found in last week’s options market, which saw enormous ...

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Viewpoint: Steepening U.S. Yield Curve Provokes Sell-Off

Federal Reserve interest rate increases have been underway for the better part of two years. But those increases have not been fully reflected in the longer end of the maturity curve- that is until the past few weeks. The yield curve has finally begun to steepen, that is short duration rates significantly lower than long ...

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